Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jen's Quote About Ryan

Jen Diturno -" I didn't say he was a racist. I said he has race issues ..."

Ryan Quicksall Is A Racist Bigot

You might have seen the episode where Ryan Quicksall is outed on Big Brother 9 as a Racist. I liked Ryan Quicksall and was rooting for him until I watched that episode. It ripped my heart out to learn that he is a bigot.

Claiming you have black friend is not enough Ryan From Big Brother 9. Saying that blacks and whites shouldn't mix puts you in the same category as the Klu Klux Klan and Lewis Farrakhan.

Good going Ryan Quicksal of letting the world know your views on blacks and whites.

Good Information Page On Ryan From Big Brother 9

Whats Ryan From Big Brother 9 MySpace page

Whats Ryan From Big Brother 9 MySpace page

Whats Ryans Last Name From Big Brother 9

Ryan from Big Brother's 9 full name is Ryan Quicksall.